TV Production facilities

The Television Production BA Honours course at Westminster is well equipped with professional standard equipment and facilities. Our Skillset Media Academy status ensures that a high level of technical facilities at Westminster is always maintained.

As standard we record onto DVCAM tape. Some of our cameras also record onto memory cards. The course is well stocked across the whole production process:


We have access to a wide range of production planning rooms and classroom space throughout the Harrow Campus and access to rooms on other University sites in Central London. The majority are equipped with computers and viewing facilities. The University also contains a 60 seater preview theatre on the Harrow Campus and the Cinema where the Lumiere brothers projected their first public screening.


Students will have access to a wide range of camera equipment. Standard issue throughout the course are Sony V1E, Sony Z1E or Sony Z5E cameras - all of which record in either DVCAM or HDV formats. A wide selection of sound recording equipment, tripods, mounts and other materials are also available for hire from our video stores.

At our site in Harrow has two 2000ft double height studios one of which is a Broadcast standard multi-camera television studio. The television studio comes equipped with 4 Sony DSR-450WSP cameras, 3 of which are mounted on heavy-duty studio pedestals whilst the other is mounted on a Mini-Jib. There is a Production Gallery with Vision Mixing TriCaster 8 with live streaming and Play-in and Recording facilities. The studio is also fitted with Autocue heads and extensive lighting equipment to give all productions a polished and professional edge.

The University's 'Multi-Media Newsroom', also located at Harrow, is equipped with 3 Sony Z1 16:9/4:3 switchable cameras. These, along with a TriCaster system enables us to use live virtual-set technology and broadcast live directly to the Internet.


As standard the University uses Apple based Final Cut Pro editing tools. Currently, we are running version 7.0 of FCP on the Apple Snow Leopard operating system. The Television department has access to 13 edit suites in M Block including a fully High Definition capable suite. There are also approximately 80 Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express facilities available around the campus.

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