Film facilities

We operate from a purpose built studio facility in Harrow, with two sound stages, a set construction workshop, and post production facilities that include two dubbing theatres.


  • Studios: Film studio, TV studio, gallery, sound control, dressing rooms and green room
  • Dubbing theatre: Surround Sound; Logic and Pro tools
  • Auditorium cinema: 7.1 Surround Sound, Logic and Pro tools
  • Scenery bay and construction workshop for set design and building
  • Isolated voice-over booth


  • Digital cameras: 2 x Arri Alexa and Zeiss and Sony prime lens sets, Arri D21
  • 16mm cameras: Arriflex SR3 Super 16, Arriflex SR2 Standard 16, Arriflex ST, Bolex H16
  • Video cameras: Sony HDW750P, Sony DSR570, Sony Z5, Panasonic HVX201 P2, Canon XF305, XHA1, XL1 and XM1
  • Misc. ‘prosumer’ DV cameras
  • Grip: PD1 dolly and rails, 2x Romford flatbed dolly, 40ft Romford, straight track, curved track


  • Film editing: 4 cutting rooms
  • Non linear editing: 16x Avid Media composer, Premiere Pro, FCPX
  • 3 x Transfer Bays: Video Formats: HDCAM; Digibeta
  • Telecine: Rank Cintel Mk3
  • Tape Formats: HDCam; Digibeta; BetaSP; HDV; DVCAM; MiniDV; MII; Umatic; VHS


  • Mixers: SQN3M, Sound Devices 302, Sound Devices Mix Pre
  • Sound recorders: Sound Devices 702, 744
  • Mixer recorders: Sound Devices 644
  • Mono microphones: Sennheiser 416p, Neuman U-87, Neuman KMi 83, Rode NT1-A, AKG c414
  • Radio mics: Audio Ltd TX2040, Audio Ltd En2, Sennheiser EW G3
  • Stereo mics: Pearl MS 8 CL, Beyer Dynamic MCE 72


  • Extensive studio and location lighting equipment
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Soundboard mixer


Our research is led by two world renowned institutes, CREAM and CAMRI.