Mentoring process

Who will I mentor?

We select full-time postgraduate business students to join the programme. All the mentees are international students who have expressed a desire to know more about British business and companies by having closer contact with managers.

The majority of our students will have little work experience and will be hoping for rapid career advancement as a result of their studies. Other participants have an extensive career history and may be looking to make significant career changes as a result of their studies.

The process

Student in suit shaking hands

Being a mentor involves volunteering 3–4 hours of your time over 4 months to a motivated, bright postgraduate or MBA student. This scheme runs twice a year and as a mentor you can choose how often you would like to take part.

Key dates

  • Autumn Intake: Jan – April 
  • Spring Intake: April – July

Many of our mentors are happy to take part twice a year, while others, due to work or other commitments, volunteer for one intake.

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