Our academic staff run many business consultancy projects, from the strategic to the tactical and across all business disciplines. The benefits of working with a university include the reassurance and specialist knowledge that comes from working with academics and their access to a large pool of specialised commercial expertise.

They also include cost-effectiveness, and in many cases we are able to offer highly subsidised and cost-effective consultancy projects. For example, the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships scheme which aims to improve the competitiveness and productivity of businesses and charities through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills that reside within universities.

We appreciate that some businesses may require initial support in identifying and specifying business needs and opportunities, and wish to establish working relationships before committing to a project. Therefore a team from the Business School will sit down with your senior managers and directors and review the key issues and opportunities facing your organisation. If you have a particular specialist topic you know you would like to focus on then we will make sure we identify an academic-practitioner with matched expertise for the session.

This really is a "no obligation" offer. The dissemination of new ideas and working with external organisations is a central part of our role as a professional Business School, and benefits both our teaching and research. So we would like to hear from you.

Knowledge Connect Project for SMEs

Rachel Lander and Nick Barnett of the Department of Business Information Management and Operations have completed a Knowledge Connect Project for an SME in the value added retail sector. They worked with the company to identify process improvements, to model data requirements and plan business systems improvements, identifying technical solutions with particular reference to the possible upgrade paths for a growing company.

Service Design Management

Dr William Hollins of the Department of Business Information Management and Operations provides consultancy in Service Design Management.

IT for CPD requirements of surveyors

Henryetta Simpson of the Department of Business Information Management and Operations provides consultancy in IT for CPD requirements of Surveyors.

Centre for Employment Research

Staff in the Department of Economics and Quantitative Methods (EQM) undertake consultancy projects under theĀ Centre for Employment Research.

Pensions and financial services

The Department of Finance and Business Law (FBL) has established a prominent role as a leading provider in helping institutions and individual enhance their knowledge in pensions and financial services. We have a close relationship with leading asset management institutions, such as Goldman Sachs.

Finance and Business Law consultancy

Staff of the Finance and Business Law (FBL) undertake consultancies for many companies and organisations in the private and public sector.

Student studying alone with their laptop

Students as a resource

Student input provides a fresh approach and ideas, and can be an extremely cost-effective solution.