Leadership and Professional Development

The department of Leadership and Professional Development consists of academic staff with a common interest in the development of individuals and organisations. We are committed to working with students and practicing managers, to assist them develop their understanding, skills and capability in this broad discipline area.

Three key areas dominate the interests of our team. We have a strong group of scholars working in psychological approaches to organisations. Another area of interest is that of employability and enterprise. Last, but by no means least, we have a particular interest in the theory and practice of leadership. We are all linked together by a common belief in the importance of reflective practice at all levels of education and development.

The department has three main areas of research and teaching expertise:

  • leadership development (including CPD)
  • organisation development
  • the psychology of the workplace

The department has a strong interest in CPD and short courses. It can offer courses in leadership, CPD, organisation development, coaching, counselling and work psychology.


There are approximately twenty members of the Department, led by Professor Richard Harding, who has published numerous articles and books on the organisation development of navies and inter-organisational operations.

Professor Vlatka Hlupic has published on emerging leadership paradigms, and is leading the creation of a new research cluster focusing on this topic.

Dr Lisa Matthewman has published on work psychology.

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Professor Richard Harding, Head of Department

Head of Department: Professor Richard Harding

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