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Student exchanges

Student exchanges

Student exchanges: the benefits

Travel not only broadens the mind but can also increase your employability. Students who have spent some of their study time abroad are likely to earn more and are also less likely to be unemployed than their stay-at-home peers. These facts are highlighted in this report from Go International.

Studying abroad brings many other fantastic advantages: you can visit exciting locations, develop lifelong friendships and learn new study skills. Going abroad helps you to learn more about yourself and your ability to cope with new, exciting but unfamiliar settings and activities.

Partner institutions

Students in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities have exchange opportunities specific to their department. For further information about the opportunities available please contact your departmental exchange co-ordinators:

Details of the partner institutions for the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities.


Many of these exchanges are Erasmus+ exchanges with European universities. For Modern Languages students these offer the chance to deepen knowledge and understanding of the language and culture you are studying, while Erasmus+ exchange agreements for students from ELCS, PIR and HSC give you the chance to study your subjects from a different perspective but in English. More information about Erasmus+ exchanges and Erasmus+ grants.

Shorter study abroad opportunities

We recognise that family and work or other commitments, might make it difficult for all students to undertake a semester abroad. Therefore we are developing opportunities to undertake shorter visits, for example, by going on a three-week summer school to Copenhagen, from which you can gain course credit. 

Faculty International Director

For further information contact either the Faculty International Director, Dr Peter Catterall, at [email protected] or your departmental exchange co-ordinator as listed above.

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