Research ethics

The Social Sciences and Humanities Faculty Research Ethics Committee (SSH FREC) is responsible for the ethical approval system for research across the Faculty.

To support staff and students when preparing their ethics forms, SSH FREC have produced the following two documents containing advice for staff and students regarding the ethics application process. The information in these documents is specific to the Faculty for Social Sciences and Humanities:

Postgraduate and doctoral students, as well as staff, must complete their forms on the VRE. To do so, please log on to the VRE, click on ‘My Ethics Applications’ and then on ‘Create a New Project’.

Please note that postgraduate students starting their course in September must submit the ethics forms in relation to their dissertation by 31 May of the following year, while January starters must submit them by 31 September of the same year.

Undergraduate students must use the forms available on the intranet (only accessible to staff) and then ask their module leader or supervisor to email the ethics forms and related documents on their behalf to Ashley Morton (if it is Part A only, i.e. not requiring ethics approval by FREC) – copying in Professor Marco Roscini (Chair of FREC) when there is also Part B (i.e .requiring approval from FREC). We aim to respond within three weeks from receipt.

Please note that, if research is carried out outside University premises, you will need to complete and submit a risk assessment form. If your research involves participants, please also complete and submit a participant information sheet (PIS) and a consent form.