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Recently completed doctoral projects:

  • Ana E. Carballo – Empowering Development: Capabilities, Liberation and Community in Latin American Traditions
  • Robert Cowley – Eco-Cities: Technological Showcases or Public Spaces?
  • Baraneh Emadian – The plight of political subjectivity: Two moments of political subjectivation in contemporary Iran
  • Mr Jalal Faiz – Education, conflict and conflict resolution in Balochistan, Pakistan
  • Martin Fortis – Beyond expertise and deliberation: toward an agonistic policy analysis
  • Elizabeth Greenhalgh – Social media, cultural relations and the British Council
  • Gulawar Khan – Nationalism, federalism and separatism in Balochistan, Pakistan
  • Seokbae Lee – Construction of China and India's national interests: the Tibet question
  • Gemma Jameieon Malik – From Brazil to Britain: The Vicissitudes of Participatory Budgeting. The Importance of Context
  • Daniel Matteo – Legitimacy, contestation and the role of private military security companies
  • Mr Moustafa Menshawy – The role of the state in re/constructing the 1973 war discourse in Egypt
  • Thomas Mills – Coordination and complexity: politics and markets in the National Health Service
  • Suhair Mohammed – Islamists and democracy in Sudan: The role of Hasan Turabi 1989-2001
  • Pol Bargues Pedreny – Framing and practice of contemporary peacebuilding
  • Christian Pfenninger – Capillaries of Force: Constituent Power, Porous Sovereignty and the Ethics of Anarchism
  • Elisa Randazzo – Changing narratives? Conceptualisations of post-conflicts peace-building
  • Jessica Schmidt – Democracy promotion in a post-political world
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