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Browse our directory of our Doctoral Researchers by selecting from the list below (and view their project titles, where applicable):

  • Aasen, Donald - Constructing Narcoterrorism as Danger: The Politics of Security and Representation.
  • al Suwaidi, Ahmed Mohamed Saeed - City regional governance in Abu Dhabi
  • Alsancak, Hasan - Public Private Partnerships in Energy Supply Security: A Comparative Study of Turkey and Azerbaijan
  • Asenbaum, Johann - Power, Identity and Anonymity in Digital Democratic Innovations
  • Bastos, Maria - Imagining Pakistan: The Role of Foreign Policy in the Construction of National Identity
  • Bokhari, Syed Kamran - Moderation Among Salafists & Jihadists
  • Cooper, Emmeline - Pension Funds, Sustainable Investing and the Promise of Innovative Corporate Governance
  • Fontes, Eduarda - Gender, race and power in post-colonial Brazil
  • Franklin, Sabine - The Health of West Africa and the role of 21st Century Global Governance
  • Gerhards, Jan-joris - Sustainability assessment: towards an integrated approach suitable for multiple urban contexts.
  • King, Martin - Deliberation and Decision Making Online: Evaluating Platform Design.
  • Kitchen, Ashley - The Workings of the ‘Elected Dictatorship’: Evaluating the Substantive Representation of Women and Legislation on Violence against Women in England and Wales.
  • Koroma, Abdul - Non-state violence, social capital and state building
  • Ledda, Michele - Education and narratives of government
  • Lekhi, Rohit - 'Race', Neoliberalism and the World City.
  • Lowton, Zubeida - Sustainability, Resilience and Liveability in the City of Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Jamieson Malik, Gemma - How a radical participatory practice came to fit within the dominant hegemony: the case of participatory budgeting.
  • Martins, Luis - Collective memory and Deliberative democracy
  • Mongini, Harry - Resistance and Biopolitics
  • Parrouffe, Pierre - Liberal Democracy and Legitimacy
  • Pfenninger, Christian - Anarchism and sovereignty in international relations
  • Pycock, Graham - The Politics of Neighbourhood Planning
  • Raimondi, Sara - Beyond the Political? Evaluating New Materialist Accounts of Politics.
  • Welander, Marta - Identity and the control of human mobility in Europe
  • Willers, Rabea - ICT-enabled Citizen Participation in Smart Cities

Examples of recently completed doctoral projects

  • Ana E. Carballo - Empowering development: Capabilities, liberation and community in Latin American traditions.
  • Robert Cowley - Eco-Cities: Technological showcases or public spaces?
  • Baraneh Emadian - The plight of political subjectivity: Two moments of political subjectivation in contemporary Iran.
  • Mr Jalal Faiz - Education, conflict and conflict resolution in Balochistan, Pakistan.
  • Martin FortisBeyond expertise and deliberation: toward an agonistic policy analysis.
  • Mrs Elizabeth Greenhalgh - Social media, cultural relations and the British Council.
  • Mr Gulawar Khan - Nationalism, federalism and separatism in Balochistan, Pakistan.
  • Mr Seokbae Lee - Construction of China and India's national interests: the Tibet question.
  • Daniel Matteo - Legitimacy, contestation and the role of private military security companies.
  • Mr Moustafa Menshawy - The role of the state in re/constructing the 1973 war discourse in Egypt.
  • Thomas Mills - Coordination and complexity: politics and markets in the National Health Service.
  • Suhair Mohammed - Islamists and democracy in Sudan: The role of Hasan Turabi 1989-2001.
  • Mr Pol Bargues Pedreny - Framing and practice of contemporary peacebuilding.
  • Miss Elisa Randazzo - Changing narratives? Conceptualisations of post-conflicts peace-building.
  • Miss Jessica Schmidt - Democracy promotion in a post-political world.
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