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Promoting   Intercultural Competence in Translators

Project No: 517871-LLP-1-2011-1-UK-ERASMUS-EMCR

The core aim of this project is to produce a comprehensive toolkit making it easy for HE institutions within the EU to introduce Intercultural Communication into their postgraduate programmes in Translation.

To this end, the project will produce –

  1. a complete module in Intercultural Communication
  2. the necessary materials to include Intercultural Communication as a cross-curricular theme running right through such programmes and
  3. a summary report presenting the project's findings on what constitutes good practice in the teaching of Intercultural Communication to translators

The University is the co-ordinating partner of the project.

Conflicts in Cultural Value: Localities and Heritage in Southwestern China

A Leverhulme funded project led by Professor Harriet Evans