Westminster Genomics Service caters for the demands of commercial clients first. From client-dedicated sample storage to rapid-turnaround results, our team is available to help industrial, clinical, governmental and academic organisations process and access accurate results, faster.

DNA Sequencing

WGS provide a range of services offering different grades of Ion Torrent chip coverage. The table below explains the range of coverage available.

Sequencing chip Depth (Mb) Max read length (bp) Approx number of sequences
314 >10 200 >50,000
316 >100 200 >500,000
318 1000 200 >5,000,000

To help reduce costs and increase the number of sequences, it is also possible to do 100 BP reads on request.

Whole genome sequencing, de novo sequencing and metagenomic libraries

WGS is able to sequence microbial genomes and metagenomic libraries from purified DNA samples or genomic DNA fragment libraries.

Amplicon sequencing

Get focused, interpretable data by sequencing at WGS discrete genomic regions after PCR amplification (targeted sequencing).

Targeted sequencing

Ion TargetSeq™ enrichment kits are in-solution template capture kits designed to selectively enrich customer-specified genomic regions, ranging in size from 100 kb to >10 Mb for Targeted Resequencing applications without pre-amplification.

Ampli-Seq ready-made cancer panels

WGS provides a fast and easy, cost-effective sequencing workflow for single-tube preparation of amplicon libraries from genomic hotspot regions that frequently mutate in human cancer genes. Available in basic and extended sizes, covering all clinically actionable mutations or larger research-interest panels.

Ampli-Seq inherited disease panels

Access ultra-high multiplex PCR combined with targeted sequencing library construction to get data in just 12 hours for over 300 genes covering 700 unique inherited diseases.

Custom panels

Sequence hundreds of genes of your choice from just 10ng of DNA or create custom ultrahigh-multiplex PCR panels for target selection.

RNA Sequencing


Unlike microarrays and other techniques relying on existing knowledge and gene-specific consumables, RNA-Seq generates a precise digital output of specific individual transcriptomes. The Ion PGM™ Sequencer, in combination with the Ion Total RNA-Seq Kit developed by Ambion®, generates comprehensive and quantitative data for RNA studies, offering a fast, cost-effective solution without the need for sample pooling. Suitable for total RNA, coding/non-coding RNA and small RNA analysis.