Multi-service packages

Our nutrition consultancy packages offer a 10 per cent discount on individual services.

We also create competitively-priced custom packages tailored to your requirements. Contact us to discuss customised and group packages.

Total Nutrition £345

Our total nutrition package includes all of our nutrition consultancy services. We’ll conduct a full dietary analysis, analyse your body composition in the BodPod and establish your resting metabolic rate. After analysing all this data, we will hold a nutrition consultation to establish your goals and create a personal eating plan to help you achieve them.

Healthy Living £180

The Healthy Living package includes a dietary assessment and an initial consultation. We measure your body composition by skinfolds and establish your resting metabolic rate. A personal eating plan will be prepared for you as part of the consultation.

Sports Performance £270

Our sports performance package includes dietary analysis and an assessment of your specific nutritional needs in relation to your training activities and performance goals. It also includes measurement of your body composition in the BodPod and an initial consultation (this includes the development of a personal eating plan).