Maximum lactate steady state

Price: £480
Duration: 4 hours (2 hours over 2 days)

A key feature of the lactate response is the 'second lactate turnpoint', which is usually at a pace / velocity a few notches above the lactate threshold. Exercise physiologists consider this as being very important, as it is a very good measure of the pace that can be maintained with lactate at a higher level than at rest but still not increasing over time.

This is known as the maximal lactate steady state (MLSS) and is not to be confused with the lower occurring 'lactate threshold'. Of all measures of aerobic fitness, power / velocity at MLSS is the best predictor of endurance performance (Jones and Doust, 1998; Jones and Carter, 2000)

Our purpose built laboratories and Exercise Physiologists can offer athletes an accurate measure of their maximal lactate steady state (MLSS) and provide feedback on training recommendations. In addition, you will receive detailed data on energy expenditure and substrate utilisation.

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This test can be carried out on a treadmill or a bicycle. We use the SRM ergonometer. You can bring your own cleat pedals if you wish to carry out the test on our SRM bicycle. Needle prick to your finger tip blood samples will be required to measure the blood lactate.


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