Biosensor services

Secure data at the highest possible quality

Westminster Biosensor Services is a contract research service, providing a powerful, secure and efficient method of characterising molecular interaction for the research community.

About us

We are the UK’s first academic institution to invest in the latest technology in the field of cell based biosensors.

"Our lab is interested in targeting the cancer cell surface and developing high-affinity binding drugs. We develop new in vitro models to assess high affinity binding ligands aimed at targeting cancer cell surfaces. The biosensor technology offered here is an integral part of our workflow." Miriam Dwek (PhD) Reader, Group Leader

Diluka Peiris (PhD) Research Associate

Instrumental in bringing the cell biosensor in-house. Diluka has developed applications including characterising interactions between antibodies (e.g. trastuzumab) and cancer cell surfaces and comparing these with conventional methods. Studies have also used carbohydrate binding proteins and nanotechnology-based approaches to targeting specific cancer cell surface receptors.

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