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The Faculty of Science and Technology has expertise in the domains of cloud computing, IP networking, wireless communication, multimedia gaming, VLSI/microelectronics, mobile apps development, business analytics and modelling (healthcare).

We can provide solutions to a business need or work with you to leverage new possibilities. We’ll operate in the way that suits you best: contract applied research, one-off consultancy, as an ongoing partnership or via corporate training.

We also provide development, support and training for relevant industries and the research community via our specialised centres of excellence: Centre for Parallel Computing (CPC), Health and Social Care Modelling Group (HSCMG) and Applied DSP and VLSI Research Group (ADVRG).

Recently, Westminster Creative Computing (WCC) has been created out of the desire to extend our engagement strategy with cultural institutions and apply our research to the needs of digital programmes for families and young people in the cultural heritage, tourism and creative industries.

With naturally inquisitive and analytical minds, our life science academics have expertise and problem-solving skills of value to all business types.

Are you looking to?

  • Extend your research and development capability
  • Develop a new product, or improve an existing one
  • Up-skill your technicians
  • Update your healthcare professionals
  • Hire our graduates
  • Learn more about the human body, health or biotechnology

Our expertise ranges from the molecular level – we identified the right natural material for Neal’s Yard to replace synthetics preservatives in their skincare range – all the way up to the macro – the whole human body. We're helping an elite athlete reach his personal best in the lead up to the Olympic Games in London and partnering with the NHS to combat long-term back pain.

Find out more about specific facilities and services below, or contact us to discuss your needs.

Short courses

ECS Professional is the Professional and Short Course Centre for Electronics and Computer Science. Most courses offered by ECS Professional are typically between 1 and 5 days in total duration with opportunity to progress skills development through structured pathways.

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James Chappell
Business Development Manager
Commercial Development and Business Support
120 New Cavendish Street
London W1W 6XX
T: +44 (0)20 3506 4113
E: [email protected]

Visit the University of Westminster business webpages for a wider view of all the ways you can work with the University of Westminster.

Specialist laboratories

Our wet and dry specialist laboratories in central London are available for experimentation in the areas of fermentation and cell culture, fluorescent and confocal microscopy, microbiology, cell imaging, histology, radiation work and human performance. A team of experienced technicians are on hand to support your activities or we can work with you to deliver training courses, consultancy services or health screening services.

Nutrition and fitness services

For comprehensive advice on all aspects of fitness, exercise, performance and training, visit our team of qualified sports scientists. Athletes of all levels – from amateur to elite – are welcome. Services available include measuring your aerobic capacity, standard fitness tests and analysing haemoglobin (to indicate how effectively your body transports oxygen during exercise).

Complementary medicines – Polyclinic

The University of Westminster’s Polyclinic provides low-cost treatments for the general public. Its studios – equipped with portable and hydraulic couches – are also available for hire by complementary medicine practitioners.

The teaching clinic provides acupuncture, aromatherapy, Chinese herbal medicine, Western herbal medicine, homoeopathy, naturopathy, nutritional therapy and Qigong Tuina treatments.

Do you have a class full of budding Usain Bolts, Wayne Rooneys or Jessica Ennis'?

Our exercise physiology workshops give the students the opportunity to learn sports science.

Download our brochure of workshops for schools and colleges (PDF).

Business services

Student and graduate talent

The Career Development Centre can help you reach our students.

Woman extracting DNA

Westminster Genomics Service

Welcome to Westminster Genomics Service

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Westminster creative computing

The Westminster Creative Computing offers technology and educational solutions for the cultural heritage, tourism, and creative industries.