Life sciences foundation online course

This life sciences online course is for those who wish to strengthen their science knowledge and skills before joining a BSc Honours courses in a variety of life sciences subjects at the University of Westminster.

Who is this course for?

This course is for you if:

  • You are required to complete and pass the short course before starting your degree. This will be made clear to you during the application process or interview and subsequently in the offer you receive.
  • You already have the required entry qualifications but would like to revise your science knowledge and skills before starting you chosen BSc degree.
  • You have a degree in a non-science subject and want to pursue a BSc degree in human nutrition, herbal medicine or acupuncture at the University of Westminster.

If you are joining the course as a pre-requisite of one of our BSc Honours life sciences courses, you will need to complete the full three units.

Purpose Start date Duration Price
Before starting a BSc Honours Flexible Approximately 150 hours (we recommend taking this over a four-month period)

£750 per unit. The full course consists of three units.

Course content

The course comprises the following three units:

  • Chemistry: five large sections covering atoms; molecules and bonding; organic chemistry and equations; and water, the mole and solutions.
  • Biochemistry: five large sections on carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, enzymes, and both DNA and protein synthesis.
  • Physiology: 13 sections ranging from cells to whole-body systems such as the immune, digestive and endocrine systems as well as an introduction to important physiological concepts like homeostasis.

Please note that you should not take the biochemistry unit without first studying the chemistry unit.

How the course works

Once you have enrolled you will be registered on Blackboard (the University’s electronic tuition system). The course includes distance learning packs for each unit, guidance through all or parts of textbooks as required, web tutorials and practice question papers.


Your learning on the course is continuously assessed by questions in each unit.

What if you have to pass this course before starting your BSc degree?

Most students will be required to take all three units at a total cost of £2,250. To pass the course, you will have to:

  • successfully complete the three units
  • pass the two final exams
  • complete a specified day of laboratory practical work, which will be held at the University

You will access most of the course via the internet on the University’s e-learning system. If you are unable to complete the course online for any reason, please make this clear in your application so that we can discuss how to solve this problem.

To enable you to be ready for your degree start in September, we recommend starting this course in the beginning of March.

The University will contact you formally to confirm the dates and times of the laboratory practical work day and the exams (these dates and times will be non-negotiable). We will also contact you formally to tell you whether you have passed and if you can enrol for your chosen BSc degree.

For further details of the short course, please contact Steve Davis at [email protected].

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