The Faculty of Science and Technology has extensive, state of the art laboratories. These facilities will equip you with the technical know-how for your career. Our courses have a strong emphasis on developing and using your practical skills.

Life sciences laboratories

These recently refurbished wet and dry laboratories are available for practical experiments in the areas of molecular biology, microscopy, microbiology, histology, chemistry, biochemistry, fermentation, analytical techniques, cell culture, bodyworks and human performance.

Computer simulation is also used to teach many aspects of the biological sciences and skilled technicians are on-hand to guide and advise your learning/research. We encourage students to take full advantage of our open access IT rooms which have software packages, free student email and internet access.

The capabilities of our dedicated laboratories include:

  • molecular biology (sequencer, quantitative-PCR cyclers and apparatus for both solution and in situ hybridisation)
  • analytical instrumentation (LC, FPLC, HPLC, GLC, TLC, CE, Flow Cytometer, GC-MS, LC-MS, FTIR, UV/VIS, atomic absorption and fluorescence spectrometers)
  • fermentation and cell culture (fermentation suite is equipped with bioreactors from 50 mL to 72 L scale for research from small to pilot-scale)
  • proteomic research based on 2-dimensional electrophoresis
  • dual laser fluorescence scanning and state-of-the-art data analysis stations
  • biomechanical testing of cells and tissues
  • cell imaging (a suite housing a three-laser, dual-microscope confocal system, fluorescent imaging, facilities including a cell sorter and a Power PC analysis system)
  • radiation work with a beta-scintillation and gamma counters.

Specialist laboratories are maintained by dedicated technical staff who contribute to teaching activity and research.

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Electronics and Computer Science laboratories

We have 34 specialist labs for teaching, research and student learning. These labs are equipped with over 700 desktops and four operating systems: Windows 7, Solaris, Linux and Mac OSX. Our computers contain a full suite of software, and we provide an online repository of additional programmes you may wish to download.

You will be entitled to download all Microsoft software for free (except Office) and you can continue to use the software after you graduate. We also provide a number of on-line electronic systems services to support your studies including CPU servers, database systems and web servers accessible over the internet.

Specialist laboratories

We have a dedicated forensics laboratory, with specialist forensics tools. There are three dedicated network development and testing rooms, two electronics hardware laboratories, two games labs, one advanced multimedia laboratory and three Apple MAC labs with Adobe, Autodesk multimedia and iPhone development software. Microcontrollers, digital signal processors and general-purpose microprocessors can be built in our embedded systems laboratory.

Wireless internet access

All areas within the Faculty of Science and Technology are covered by the University of Westminster wireless networks. If you’re staying in a Hall of Residence, you'll have wireless internet access from your room and some communal areas.

Technical support

The Faculty of Science and Technology has an electronic and computer science technical support wiki, and a dedicated technical team to assist your learning and research activities. The wiki contains comprehensive information on each lab, database, software, programming language or server you’ll use while studying. There’s also troubleshooting advice, answers to frequently asked technical questions and advice on who to call if none of the above work out!

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All our facilities are connected to a number of national education and research networks (JANET and the London Metropolitan), which you’ll be able to access. The University of Westminster also has a Uni-backbone network that supports IP Multicasts to deliver a constant stream of interactive, multimedia-rich content. The Faculty's state of the art server room hosts some teaching and research servers. The high-performance computing servers are part of the UK National Grid Service to which we are a partner. You may access these facilities during your studies.

Human performance and fitness testing

The Faculty of Science and Technology has two well-equipped life science laboratories to analyse all aspects of fitness, exercise performance and training.

High-tech treadmills, sophisticated cycle ergometers and gas analysis systems are used for measuring the performance of athletes and the general public. There is equipment to test strength and power, flexibility, lung function and speed/acceleration, or assess health and fitness via tests such as blood cholesterol, blood pressure, lung function, VO2 max and lactate threshold.

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The University of Westminster Polyclinic is a teaching and research clinic for the provision of complementary medicines and therapies. Its studios are equipped with hydraulic and portable couches.

Students use the clinic for classes and to treat the general public under supervision, once they’ve reached the appropriate level of their studies. There are facilities for treatments in acupuncture, aromatherapy, Chinese herbal medicine, Western herbal medicine, homoeopathy, naturopathy, nutritional therapy and Qigong Tuina/

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For hire

Our facilities are available for hire by private individuals, researchers and other external organisations. For more detailed information about the facilities listed above, and how you can access them, visit the business webpages.

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The Faculty of Science and Technology provides courses in a variety of disciplines and formats.

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Our research focuses on theoretical and practical solutions to the modern society's needs.