Anne-Gaelle Colom

Senior Lecturer

Anne-gaelle Colom

Could you please describe yourself in a few sentences?

I am a Senior Lecturer, Teaching Fellow, and a mobile web expert with a passion for developing and teaching cutting edge mobile web technologies.

I am also one of the jQuery Directors and the Documentation Lead for the jQuery Mobile Project. jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library, used on over 75% of the top 10,000 Web sites in the World. jQuery Mobile is an incredibly successful touch-optimised framework for mobile devices that enables cross-platform web development and is a key web technology.

Originally from Paris, I came to London for my final year project, and am yet to find my way back…

What is your area of academic interest and which courses are you involved in?

I am particularly interested in Front-End Web development and Mobile Web. I also have a strong interest in Game-based Learning and Technology-enhanced learning, and have led or taken part in many projects in this area. I am involved in the BSc Computer Science, BEng Software Engineering, BSc Multimedia Computing and BSc Computer Games Development.

Could you please tell us a bit about the courses that you are involved in?

I am the module leader for Web Technologies at Credit Level 4 and Advanced Client-side Web Development at Credit Level 5. The Web has become so mainstream that these two modules are core or optional for all the courses above. In these modules, I cover the standard HTML, CSS and JavaScript, as well as latest client-side technologies that enable students to build beautiful and rich Web interfaces, and gain essential employable skills for this industry. I also teach Mobile User Experience at Level 6.

What was your first job? What did you learn from it?

My first job was as a web developer for various companies and agencies. I discovered and developed my passion for front-end web development.

What did you do in your career before coming to the Faculty of Science and Technology?

I actually started my career here. I carried out a Master of Philosophy in the former School of Computer Science, in the field of mobile applications, and started as a part-time visiting lecturer in 1998. I joined what we now know as the Faculty of Science and Technology in a permanent position in 2000.

What advice would you give to the students during their studies and after graduation so that they make the right decisions for their career?

My first advice to students would be to attend all their lectures and tutorials and get involved. They should get to know other students on the course, for making great friends and also for study. This often has a positive effect on studies as students can support and encourage each other, and group revisions can also be more fun and effective. I would recommend that they seize any opportunity that can help them succeed and learn more in the field such as summer internships, engaging with the community via social media, attending conferences, workshops and meet ups, building a portfolio, and following their dream. After they graduate, students should seek employment in organisations that have a similar worldview as themselves, as they will be more likely to be happy and blossom there.

What advice would you give students during their studies and after graduation?

Pursue what interests you as you will get the most from this; construction is great fun as there is a tangible result at the end. Pursue professional accreditation after completing your degree – remember you never stop learning!

If you were asked to give one piece of advice to students who are considering going into Postgraduate study what would that be?

I would say that students should think about their motivation for postgraduate study, have clear goals for what they want out of it, and then choose the course appropriately. They should spend time looking at the course content, so they are building on their undergraduate course, and gaining the required skills they need to get into the Industry of their choice and their dream job.

How do you relax out of work? What are your interests/leisure activities?

To relax, I enjoy spending time with my family, going for walks, swimming, reading, watching TV and going on holiday in France whenever I can.

My other favourite activities involve contributing to the various jQuery projects and other open source projects.


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