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Centre on the Legal Profession

The Centre on the Legal Profession builds on Westminster Law School's strongest bodies of research in the areas of the legal profession: access to justice, dispute resolution, globalization, legal ethics and legal education. Contributors include the ESRC, the ACLEC, the Nuffield Foundation, ACCA and the Law Society.

Centre for Law, Society and Popular Culture

The Centre for Law, Society and Popular Culture works in the broad field of law and popular culture, including sport, film, media and music. This reputation has been achieved through curriculum development, academic publications, conference papers and links with a broad range of professionals.

International Law at Westminster

Academics and PhD students at Westminster are contributing in many areas of international legal scholarship, including: international legal theory, international human rights law, the law of armed conflict, international law of the sea, international refugee law, peaceful settlement of international disputes, international energy law, United Nations law, international criminal law, nuclear non-proliferation law, cyber security law, and international environmental law.

European and Comparative Law Research Group

Westminster Law School is located in the heart of London and is a centre for study and research of European and Comparative Law.

Academics and PhD students at the Westminster Law School engage in research in many areas of European and Comparative Law. This includes, among others, matters of EU accession and withdrawal, the Charter of Fundamental Rights, economic governance, internal market, competition law and EU criminal law.

Westminster Law and Theory Lab

The focus of the Law and Theory Lab is on the link between the applied and the theoretical. The lab seeks to facilitate common scholarly activities and projects, acting as a bridge between the applied and the theoretical, and providing a supportive context within which radical new research can flourish.

Law, Gender and Sexuality Research Group

LGS is a partnership between the University of Kent (the main base for the centre), Keele University and the University of Westminster. The overall aim of LGS is to pioneer and facilitate research that analyses, investigates and deepens understanding of the relationship between law, gender and sexuality.

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