Student law clinic

The University of Westminster student law clinic provides free legal advice and assistance to the public in three key areas: family law, property/land registry disputes and complaints against public bodies. All services are supervised by a practising solicitor or barrister.

For enquiries and to book an appointment please call 020 3506 9626 (voicemail only) or email [email protected]

Family Law

This includes disputes relating to children, divorce or dissolution of marriage or civil partnership and gender recognition applications.
The University of Westminster student law clinic offers two free student delivered services to help you with your family dispute:

  • The Family Law Form Filling Service

You will be offered an appointment with a student at the clinic who will help you choose and complete the right form/s to get your case started.

You will be able to either take away a completed form at the end of the appointment or we will provide it to you within 14 days.  

  • The Family Law Advice Service

You will be interviewed by students at the clinic who will then give you advice, in writing, within 21 days of the appointment.

This advice will focus on the next steps needed to help you find a solution.

Property/Land Registry disputes

The clinic deals with cases that are currently being heard by the Land Registration division of the Property Chamber, First-tier Tribunal. These are usually disputes relating to:

  • Easements
  • Adverse Possession
  • Corrections to the Land Register

Complaints against public bodies

Contact us to find out how we can help with complaints against public bodies.

Due to demand, even if a case falls within one of these areas we cannot guarantee that we will be able to assist. Assistance is offered only where the case can be used for teaching purposes, and subject to staff availability and expertise.


University of Westminster student law clinic
4-12 Little Titchfield Street, London W1W 7BY (by appointment only)
E: [email protected]
T: 020 3506 9626

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