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Welcome to the ABE Research Students' page. Please follow the links on the names below to go through to the profile of individual students, to find out the provisional title of their thesis and who their supervisors are.

We welcome new applications for all the subject areas listed. Please go to the home pages of the research groups and clusters for more information about staff interests and the work of each group.

Research students in ABE enjoy dedicated facilities with access to specialised software. Each student is given individual support by a supervisory team of two or more academic staff. In addition, all students attend a Doctoral Researcher Development Programme, delivered in partnership by the University, Faculties and the supervisory teams. There is a University wide programme of events specifically targeted at doctoral candidates and students are encouraged to attend the wide range of seminars and meetings held throughout the University. Some support is given for conference presentations outside the University.

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Recent Completions


Gwyn Lloyd Jones – Frank Lloyd Wright Beyond America
Supervisors: Prof Murray Fraser, Dr Tanis Hinchcliffe Awarded 2014

Douglas Spencer - Smooth Operators: Architectural Deleuzism in Societies of Control
Supervisors: Prof Murray Fraser, Dr Tanis Hinchcliffe, Dr David Cunningham Awarded 2013

Abeer Al-Saud - Multi-Ethnic London: An Architectural Study of Religious Buildings in a Globalised Urban Culture
Supervisors: Prof. Murray Fraser, Samir Pandya Awarded 2013

Yara Sharif – Spaces of Possibility & Imagination within the Palestinian/Israeli Conflict: healing fractures through the dialogue of everyday behaviour
Supervisors: Prof Murray Fraser, Dr John Bold Awarded 2012

Tania Sengupta - Producing the Province: colonial Governance and Spatial Cultures in District Headquarter Towns of Eastern India 1786-c.1900
Supervisors: Prof. Murray Fraser, Samir Pandya, Awarded 2011

Burin Tharavichitkun - Rethinking Thai Architecture and Cultural Identity
Supervisors: Prof Murray Fraser, Ben Stringer Awarded June 2011

Jon Goodbun - The Architecture of the Extended Mind: Towards a Critical Urban Ecology
Supervisors: Prof Murray Fraser, Dr D. Cunningham, Awarded 2011

Property and Construction

Owiti A K'akumu - Factor Analysis of the enabling environment for artisanal dimension stone in Nairobi, Kenya
Supervisors: Brian Jones, Dr Junli Yang, Awarded 2011


Atepheh Amid – Night, Space and Urban Design: case study of Mashhad, Iran
Supervisors: Prof Marion Roberts, Dr Adam Eldridge Awarded 2014

James Morgan – Gambling with Regeneration: Seaside Resort Regeneration and Casino Development
Supervisors: Prof Peter Newman, Prof Robert Maitland, Dr Adam Eldridge.

Orna Rosenfeld – Governance of Relocation: An Examination of Residential Relocation Processes in the Housing Market Renewal Pathfinder Areas in England
Supervisors: Prof Nick Bailey, Dr Tony Manzi, Prof Marion Roberts Awarded 2012

Ram Sateesh Pasupuleti - Understanding the Role of Culture in the Post Disaster Development Process: the case of tsunami reconstruction in Tamilnadu, Southern India
Supervisors: Tony Lloyd-Jones, Prof Marion Roberts Awarded 2011


Glynis Johnston – The Impact of Transport Infrastructure on the Development of Urban Communities
Supervisors: Prof Austin Smyth, Prof Peter White, Dr Karen Lucas. 2013

Christopher Cook (MPhil direct)- Accessing Public Transport, a Comparative Study of Berlin and London
Supervisors: Prof Peter White, David Whibley Awarded 2012

Jane Edwards – Key Characteristics and Attitudes of Airline Passengers, with Particular Emphasis upon the Low-Cost Sector: Implications for Pre-Trip Decision-Making and Airline Choice
Supervisors: Prof Austin Smyth, Dr Nigel Dennis Awarded 2012

Juan (Amanda) Mao – Sustainable Development for the Logistics Industry in the UK
Supervisors: Dr Allan Woodburn, Prof Peter White Awarded 2012

Sylvanos Gwarinda - An Investigation of Factors Influencing Long-term Passenger Traffic Flows Between the United Kingdom and the SADC Region
Supervisors: Prof Peter White, Prof Robert Maitland Awarded 2010


Barbora Cherifi – Imagining a City Never Visited: A Case Study of Destination Images of London Held by Czech Non-Visitors
Supervisors: Dr Andrew Smith, Prof Robert Maitland, Dr Nancy Stevenson Awarded 2013

Claudia Sima - Post-Communist Capital City Tourism Representation: with a case study on Bucharest
Supervisors: Prof Robert Maitland, Dr Andrew Smith Awarded 2013

Adrian Guachalla - Cultural Flagships and their Role in the Visitor’s Perception of Urban Spaces for Tourism and Culture: The case of Covent Garden
Supervisors: Prof. Robert Maitland, Dr Andrew Smith Awarded 2011

Ilaria Pappalepore - Tourism and the Development of ‘Creative’ Urban Areas: Evidence from four non-central areas in London
Supervisors: Prof Robert Maitland, Dr Andrew Smith Awarded 2010