The Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment has a keen and vested interest in architecture across the globe.

Our graduates are industry leaders and constantly challenging what can be achieved. Our teaching staff are pushing the boundaries with thought-provoking research and rapidly evolving methods of student development.

And the Faculty’s constant attention to the ever-changing debate about our cities means the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at the University of Westminster is always close to the key issues.

In addition to the six subject research groups in the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment (FABE), the common theme of ‘Global Identities’ is one around which researchers from different departments within the Faculty are working on similar interests.

For an overview of the Faculty, view our Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment introductory brochure (PDF).

Global Identities

This covers a wide variety of subjects that are linked to the impact of globalisation on the built environment across the world.

This involves investigations into architectural design, urban form and infrastructure, development policies in poorer countries, cultural tourism, international transport logistics, etc.

The purpose of the ‘Global Identities’ cluster is to facilitate links between researchers in different subject areas and use these interdisciplinary links to organise a series of externally facing activities, which in turn can help to publicise researchers’ work and also bring in more scholars and practitioners from outside to join with ongoing research projects in the Faculty.

In particular, a series of conferences and research projects have emerged from this inter-departmental synergy within the Faculty, linked by the theme of ‘Global Identities’. These initiatives include:

December 2008–10: Kaduna Master Plan Review, Nigeria

January 2009: World Tourism Cities: Developing tourism off the beaten track

October 2009: The University of Westminster was selected by UN-Habitat as the latter’s first-ever partner university in the UK.

October 2009: ‘Human Habitation: Architecture, Settlement and Cultural Identity in the Persian Gulf Region’, a major international conference held at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London and organised by the University of Westminster

October 2011: ‘Creative Spaces in Palestine’, a major one-day international symposium to be held at the Royal Institute of British Architects

May 2012: ‘The Boundaries of Europe’, a major international conference to organised around issues to do with the complex interface between Eastern Europe/Turkey/Middle East.

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