Policy Studies Institute

Policy Studies Institute (PSI) is an independent research organisation within the University of Westminster, conducting research to inform a sustainable future. PSI enjoys a reputation for the rigorous and impartial evaluation of policy in the UK and Europe.

Our work

PSI takes a politically neutral stance on issues of public policy and has no connections with any political party, commercial interest or pressure group.

For over a decade, PSI has been a leading contributor to research on environmental and sustainability issues, and this is now our main area of work. PSI pursues its mission to inform a sustainable future by producing and disseminating research outputs that are of value in policy, practice and academia. We collaborate with academic colleagues within the University of Westminster and with many leading research institutes, think-tanks and academic departments.

Sustainability is a factor that touches all aspects of modern life and PSI's work is wide-ranging, addressing:

  • energy
  • innovation
  • cities
  • climate change
  • water
  • resources
  • behaviour and practice
  • policy
  • economy
  • justice
  • knowledge transfer
  • community action and public engagement
  • communication

Our history

PSI has a long history, originating in 1931 as the think-tank Political and Economic Planning to address the need for security and prosperity in society. Since then, PSI's research has addressed most elements of society, encompassing equality, benefits, industry and industrial relations, work, pensions, health, sport and crime. PSI's work has informed and impacted on diverse major policy developments, including the creation of the welfare state and the National Health Service, race relations, and championing Britain's entry into what was then called 'the Common Market'. PSI became part of the University of Westminster in 2009 and sits within the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment.

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