Virginia Rammou

Senior Lecturer, Course Leader Architectural Technology BSc Honours

Department of Property and Construction

Virginia Rammou

Please describe yourself in a few sentences?

I am a Senior Lecturer and the Course Leader for Architectural Technology BSc Honours. I joined the University of Westminster 10 years ago. Before and during this time I have also been practising as an architect. I am both a chartered architect and a chartered architectural technologist.

What is your area of academic interest?

I teach both architecture and architectural technology. I am very interested in the cross fertilization between the two disciplines, seeing the two as integral and complimentary to each other. My area of research interest is architecture and health.

Please tell us a bit about the Architectural Technology BSc Honours course?

This three year course focuses on the technological aspect of architecture between concept, innovation and reality. Chartered architectural technologists can set up their own practice, provide a full architectural design service and lead projects of all shapes and sizes from start to finish.

Our course is an innovative, real life based programme for those who want to pursue a career in architectural technology. The main features of the programme are design, technology and management. We have great industry links and we invite practitioners to be part of our team. Being in London we take students to building and site visits, exhibitions etc. Our students can also study in Denmark for one semester during their second year.

What was your first job?

After graduation I was employed by a small partnership of architects in Clerkenwell, London. It was a challenge as it was my first job as an architectural assistant, but everybody in the office was of great help! I learned so much during that year: how to survey, how to draw accurately, planning and building regulations and very importantly how to be an active part of a team, but I also I had a lot of fun with my colleagues too!

What advice would you give students considering undergraduate study in this area?

Be open minded! The area of architecture is very broad, you can have special interests in so many diverse areas, so don’t limit yourselves.

What advice would you give to students during their studies and after graduation?

Work hard, be dedicated, attend classes, manage your time wisely but primarily enjoy what you are doing. A degree in your area of specialisation is just the beginning; you will continue learning throughout your professional life.

What are your interests/leisure activities?

I love travelling; it is the interest that gives me the most pleasure. The list of places I want to visit is endless. When I cannot afford to travel either due to financial or time constraints I enjoy the arts, cinema, reading, hiking, visiting galleries, museums and buildings in general. I also go to Yoga and Pilates classes and I am a keen fencer.

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