Julia Hofbauer"Studying at the University of Westminster is challenging and demanding, but especially a lot of fun. The decision to study in London and doing my Masters degree in Marketing Management was definitely right. The course is the perfect supplement to my BA in International Business Administration, since it provided me with an excellent comprehension and in-depth knowledge of marketing and its multifaceted aspects. It is not just the knowledge you gain within this Masters degree, but also the intercultural experience which makes this course so interesting. Furthermore, the Masters dissertation is a great opportunity to focus on one of my favourite topics: advertising and the automotive industry. I'm convinced that my Masters in Marketing Management is the key to my aspired career as Marketing Manager in an automotive company."

Julia Hofbauer
MA Marketing Management 2011


Yu Tsan Lin"The reason I choose to study MA Marketing Management is because marketing strategies are the driver of taking a company forward in a competitive business world.  Being in central London, Westminster Business School offered a perfect environment to be in the centre for information, creativity and imagination.  London and WBS is a fantastic combination for studying marketing management.  The teaching quality and support for students in WBS are at the highest standard and my fellow students are from all over the world which has broadened my horizon and improved my cultural awareness.  I had a wonderful year in terms of the academic achievement and professional development.  I would recommend WBS to anyone who wishes to study a Masters degree in the area of Marketing.  I believe you will enjoy the experience and have an amazing time!"

Yu-Tsan Lin
Assistant Vice President
JP Morgan Asset Management Co, Taiwan
MA Marketing Management 2010


Raffealla Paciolla"I really enjoyed my year studying for the MA Marketing Management. I have benefited from lectures, seminars as well as coursework and exams. All the lecturers have showed to be greatly helpful and professional. Thus, I can surely say that I have reached a well-understanding and practise of Marketing and I feel confident that what I have achieved will be fundamental in building step by step my career."

Raffaella Paciolla
Media Executive
Defaqto Media
MA Marketing Management 2009


Mohit Saluja"It was great studying at the University of  Westminster in Marylebone. Fantastic atmosphere and the campus was located in the heart of London making it very accessible from home and work. The University had some of the best marketing faculty with solid backgrounds and experience. The course had subjects ranging from marketing communication to strategy with lectures filled with interesting facts from the industry, current scenarios and innovative projects. The class had a mixture of young professional looking to enhance their marketing knowledge and some embarking on a new career path. My time at the University of Westminster will always be extremely memorable as I not only gained a valuable education but also made some lifelong friends who have ended up with great careers in marketing."

Mohit Saluja
Senior Marketing Manager, Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets
MA Marketing 2008 - Now
MA Marketing Management


Marketing Communications

Paras Fatnani"I joined the University of Westminster in September 2008 and it was one of the best experiences I've ever had. The multi-cultural atmosphere helped us understand the global scenario making it easier to build our network worldwide. As the Business School Representative and the Class Representative, I had many opportunities to showcase my skills outside class which becomes essential while you groom yourself for the real world. I firmly believe that the opportunities are out there, you need to grab the chance and make a difference.  At Westminster, I feel I got a perfect combination and balance between academic and social interactions.

I got a perfect jump start into the big world with the help of my qualification at one of the world's largest media conglomerates, The Times of India. I am currently working as an Assistant Manager with the representation office in London."

Paras Fatnani
MA Marketing Communications, 2009


Fadi Fakih"After working in advertising for five years, I wanted to further expand my knowledge in the field, and after a rigorous search I came to the conclusion that the Masters in Marketing Communications at Westminster Business School was the best choice in terms of academic content, location of campus, and programme relevance. The University was very professional, and responsive with my application.

Westminster Business school is conveniently located in the centre of London, and you are have direct access to most of the city attractions and, most importantly, businesses. The staff are very professional, helpful, and friendly. Moreover, what makes the University of Westminster unique is its rich diversity of international students. Finally, I love the fact that after stepping out of campus after a long academic day, in a matter of seconds you realise that you're back in the busy and buzzing life of London.

When joining the Business School, you will definitely meet some very interesting people from various different backgrounds and cultures. I was elected Class Representative and that made me push myself more to get to know each and every student in my class. I have built enduring friendships with many colleagues, some of which I will personally cherish forever. It has been very interesting to work on course projects with different people, and see how each approaches academic work differently. I was really amazed by the professionalism and dedication which all students showed. The activities and events that we organise on a weekly basis represent the strong networks that we have built at Westminster in such a short time."

I have now opened my own business which is called Football Shop (a speciality football shop in Beirut which sells everything from football team jerseys to football team key chains and everything in between). This project has been a dream of mine since childhood and I am so happy that I was able to make it happen. Check out our website.

Fadi Fakih
MA Marketing Communications 2010


Chi Vu"It was more than the love for the Beatles, Spice Girls, Harry Potter or the English tea, it was all about amazing and unforgettable experiences I had in London and the University of Westminster. I love London for its diversity and fast pace; and I love this School for its location in the centre of the city. It was like I was right in the centre of the world, giving me numerous opportunities to see the world of business, culture and humanity in my own way. After this fruitful year of study, all the effort, hardship and patience was worth it. I will never regret having been here, with all the friends, teachers and classmates who have encouraged and inspired me in gaining such an achievement."

Chi Vu
MA Marketing Communications 2009


Rishitu Amarnani"I received a Full Tuition Fee Scholarship to pursue a Specialist Master's Degree at the University of Westminster.

The course has proved to be nothing less than insightful. The course covered an exhaustive study of all important communication tools such as advertising, public relations, direct and interactive marketing, market research, giving the student an in-depth understanding of the marketing medium. With the help of real-life case studies pertaining to various different sectors, several symposiums having industry leaders share their experiences with us, regular projects involving an in-depth application of theoretical knowledge and many more such activities, the course has enabled me to apply the immense knowledge gained from it to my current day-to-day professional responsibilities with ease.

With the help of the skills derived from the course at University of Westminster, I received an extremely tempting job offer from one of the world's largest Market Research firms in their UK office. However, with regards to my future plans, I was always sure of wanting to give back to my country and chose to follow the same. In India, I was offered the position of an Associate Image Manager at Perfect Relations – Buzz, South Asia's largest Image Advisory firm managing PR for renowned brands such as Google, Tata Sky, Godrej, and many more. In the past four months of my experience at Perfect Relations – Buzz, I have managed PR for the Pitbull India Tour,,, Tata Sky and various Bollywood films. At the mere age of 21, I can proudly claim today of being one of the youngest ever employees holding a Managerial position at South Asia's largest Image Advisory firm. And University of Westminster has definitely had an immense role to play towards this achievement. University of Westminster has professionally provided me a fresh lease of life. I shall always remain thankful to the University of Westminster."

Rishitu Amarnani
MA Marketing Communications 2011

"I was keen on doing my post-graduate degree in Marketing, so after digging about I concluded I wanted to go to University of Westminster with a central location and quality education. So I decided to study MA Marketing Communications.

The experiences at Westminster University are unparalleled. The people I have met and interacted with in one year made me realize there is so much more to see and learn in the world. In our class of 64, we had people from 30 different countries. I can only guess the next place to get so many nationalities in one room, would be to be in The United Nations offices. A simply, sensational experience. Socially, London as a city has endless things to offer. With my 'ethnically diverse' group of friends I learnt other cultures,cuisines and lifestyles. Touring the UK on weekends was also a wonderful experience for me.

The small things, like living alone, managing your time, money and resources, will make you alter your lifestyle, for the better and University of Westminster did this for me. Coming from a growing economy you study market places in a developed country, helps you understand small signals that could be potentially good in our marketplace. Education is not meant to be directly used, the course was meant to open up my mind to the world out there.

Now I am back in Mumbai and have joined the family business. In continuation of my education in Marketing, I am managing the marketing department of our family business. Furthermore I am now doing business with some of my classmates, a manufacturer of organic herbal soaps which I have imported and hoping to set up operations for in India."

Hunaid Vahanvaty
MA Marketing Communications