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"Throughout both the Postgraduate Diploma and Masters, the Professor used examples of how management theory and models can be applied in publicly-funded health and social care settings, helping me to realise their relevance to my workplace environment.

I have been encouraged to use examples of real workplace situations within my assignments which have enabled me to apply my learning to the workplace. I have, therefore, been able to transfer my knowledge and skills into real-life processes and areas of service development within my team to the benefit of the organisation for which I work.

The programme has enabled me to meet and work with peers from other areas of health and social care and build networks across a variety of services in the community and cross-boundary sectors."

Julie Butler
MA Management


"I was a team leader when I started the training and during the course of my studies I have moved from one position of authority to another and currently I am a commissioner. All this happened and continues to happen because of the training."

Christiana A Solanke
MA Management


“I have found that this course has been invaluable in terms of my learning and development as a manager. My relationships within my team, with my peers and with the staff group I supervise have developed significantly and have had a major impact on my work and the management of the service.

I feel that without furthering my learning I will be a less competent manager and it will have an impact on my ability to further my career with Islington. I have worked for the borough for 13 years and this course has been one of the highlights in terms of developing me as a competent manager and future leader. I am very committed to LBI and to my career progression within the organisation.

I believe that I am on track to pass the course. I have used my learning already from the course to make ILDP deliver work more efficiently and this has a positive effect not only on my service but on the organisation as a whole.

I understand that we are in a very challenging period but I firmly believe that this course will give me the skills and knowledge to work more effectively and resourcefully. I feel that by investing in staff LBI are more likely to have competent management who feel confident and able to make cost effective decisions whilst maintaining staff morale.

I for one would be happy to meet with SMT to put forward my case for further funding, and I am happy to share my work so far to demonstrate why this course is crucial to me becoming a better and more effective manager.”

Social Work Manager
Leading and Managing Health and Social Care (Advanced Professional Practice) MSc

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