Tania Murphy

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology PhD 

After achieving BSc Honours Biotechnology and a PhD in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Tania Murphy leaves the University of Westminster to start a job as a researcher at Cambridge University.

Tania left Colombia to start her undergraduate degree at the University of Westminster. Since then, she has tackled language barriers and culture shock, not to mention a heavy work-load. Out of all the difficulties, she says, 'Coming to England from Colombia was the biggest step'.

She says she overcame the problems with the help of lecturers. 'They helped me to get a grasp of what I need to know' she says. But how did she succeed? 'By carrying on… and not giving up'.

During her time at the University of Westminster, Tania contributed four papers to scientific publications and made important connections within the Biotechnology industry.

Her most rewarding experience during her PhD was researching more efficient ways to enhance antibiotic production. The main goal was to 'produce more antibiotics with reduced production time and cost', which, she explains, is of great interest to pharmaceutical companies.

Today, Tania Murphy is only moments away from finishing her PhD and embarking on a challenging career in molecular biology. 'I just got a job in Cambridge University, and that is because of the expertise that I got [at Westminster].'

'You work for one or two years, trying to get something working... and trying to see whether [your] ideas are actually what is happening in microbiological systems' she says. 'Getting the answer after many time consuming experiments is very rewarding.

'I’m going to soon be a doctor, and I have a lot of publication expertise, and interest in research' she says.

With many accomplishments on her CV, Tania Murphy is still eager for more. But looking back, she is happy with her experience at the University of Westminster.

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