Nana Yeboah

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology MSc 

When Nana Akua Serwaa Yeboah first looked at the University of Westminster website, the course that caught her eye was MSc Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. She had a good feeling about the course: "It was so broad, it gave me the impression that after you finish this you can go into almost anything … was very different [and] diverse."

But Nana knows what she wants to go into, and after seeing the Environmental Biotechnology module, she was sure the course was right for her. She says: "Environmental Biotechnology is something I’m interested in… I loved the focus; it was on pollution, that’s what I want to do. I want to go into waste management, remediating contaminated land and water…

"It was the module I loved most in the University once I came… they actually addressed what I wanted, they attacked it. How can you upgrade waste? How can you reuse it in a different form?… I loved that course; that is the main reason why I chose MSc Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology…"

One of the things Nana wants to do when she finishes her degree is to go home to Ghana to help with the disposal of waste. "We could upgrade the waste to something more profitable, marketable…." she says, "You are killing two birds with one stone, you are solving disposal problems, and you [are] actually using it for something useful…"

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