Congratulations to all our students who are graduating this year! You have made it this far and we are very proud of your achievements. We understand these are turbulent and uncertain times, but please remember – the University is here to support you with your next steps. 

Westminster’s Class of 2020 will have access to an exclusive careers support package to help your ongoing career journey. No matter what subject you have studied, sector you wish to enter or career planning stage you are at, there is support for you!

The package includes exclusive access to Westminster's Class of 2020 careers support website. This platform will be your one-stop shop to key resources and services available to all new Westminster graduates.

Before reading about the extensive list of benefits available, please sign up to Westminster Connect, the gateway to staying in touch with the University and fellow Westminster graduates, and expanding your professional network. 

The top 10 benefits of your Class of 2020 career support package include:

  • Handpicked online resources to support with all stages of career planning combined with practical employment advice to help you along the way.
  • Bookable 20-minute or 45-minute remote career appointments with our extremely knowledgeable and friendly team of career consultants.
  • Use of our Ask a Mentor service, an opportunity to have a one-off conversation with one of our experienced professionals from our diverse and hugely talented pool of mentors. 
  • Access to latest graduate jobs, internships and volunteering opportunities. 
  • Invitations to University events and lectures including: the popular What It Takes alumni event series, careers events and workshops. 
  • Eligibility to apply to be a mentee on the University’s successful Career Mentoring Scheme
  • A 15% alumni discount on postgraduate study and discount on CPD and short courses.
  • Access to the Creative Enterprise Centre’s wide range of opportunities, services and resources to develop enterprise and entrepreneurship skills, grow a professional freelancing career and to start your own businesses. 
  • Access to a wide range of academic journals and resources through digital library JSTOR.
  • Exclusive access to a brand-new resource due to be launched in July 2020, an innovative interview preparation platform for Westminster students and new graduates. 

Once again, a big congratulations!

Please do stay connected with us by signing up to Westminster Connect.

Upcoming events

Class of 2020 – Careers Q & A

Special live Q&A sessions to ask your questions about the careers support on offer to the Class of 2020 whatever your situation. Not sure what to do next? Don’t know how best to prepare for job applications or interviews? Is more study a good idea? Whatever questions you have we can signpost you to useful resources and let you know about some of the exciting services on offer to you now.

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