Abeer Al-Saud

Research Title: The implications of culture on architectural form in London’s immigrant communities Research Areas:

Director of Studies: Professor Murray Fraser Second Supervisor: Samir Pandya Starting Date and Mode of Study: 2007 Full-Time

Thesis Synopsis

This study attempts to shed light on the implications that culture has for our understanding of architecture and architectural form, by looking in detail at a  range of different buildings and urban spaces been which have created or substantially modified by different ethnic and cultural groups which inhabit  the rapidly globalising city of London: Chinatown, Southall, Neasden Temple, etc. The findings of the research are to be used to clarify misconceptions about culture, identity and architecture in general. Furthermore, the aim is to show how the use of architecture as a discipline can assist in bridging the gaps between people if they are to live together in harmony, especially within the  pressures of our contemporary globalized society.