Peter Ramrayka

Managing Director, Guycon Healthcare Management Consultancy

Chairman, Guyhealth (UK)

Peter has more than 44 years' experience as a senior professional healthcare leader, using the knowledge and expertise gained during his Westminster Business School MBA to work at the highest levels in the sector.

After nine years in the Royal Air Force Medical Branch he joined the NHS in 1970, working in health and social care management and administration, and completed his MBA in 1988.

He worked in the NHS until 2000, then moved on to international health management consultancies in the developing world; returning to the UK, he worked for the NHS and Department of Health, and is now Managing Director of his own firm – Guycon Healthcare Management Consultancy. Peter has developed extensive expertise in health policy, transformational management, organisational analysis and design, and more recently in major capital investment project management.

He has a particular interest in health sector modernisation, institutional strengthening, and training and development, both in the UK and overseas, including Botswana, Guyana, Pakistan and Tanzania. Peter is a founding member and Chairman of Guyhealth (UK) which provides support to Guyana's health services. He is Chair of the Institute of Healthcare Management's London and South East Regional Council, and the Royal Air Forces Association City and Central London Branch.

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