Helen Coleman

Business Transformation Lead, Pearson

Helen used Westminster Business School's Executive MBA to progress in her career at Pearson, the world's largest learning company.

Helen is a highly experienced and successful operational leader within the UK education and awarding organisation sector, with specific expertise in secure publishing (including computer-based testing) and distribution. She regularly leads key change management initiatives designed to improve operational efficiencies, delivery performance and stakeholder and supplier interactions.

In 2006 she successfully designed and implemented a staff retention and development programme at Pearson, which reduced annual staff turnover by 25 per cent. Since delivering such strong results, Helen has been promoted five times, each time increasing the scope and responsibility for delivery and change management programmes at Pearson. She successfully led two key operational departments at Pearson during a period of intense media, government and regulatory scrutiny.

She has managed financial budgets of over £45 million and more recently successfully combined the Content Production Services and Publishing and Logistics departments, creating one department producing all of Pearson UK's secure, high-stakes assessments delivered across the UK and internationally. Helen is now Business Transformation Lead at Pearson responsible for delivering a huge programme of transformation, including replacing legacy and back office systems.

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