Fiona Wallace

Head of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs, Nestlé Canada

Fiona is a nutritional scientist with 15 years' experience in the food industry, and has been the lead scientist for a number of well-known food brands, leading research projects as well as developing scientific marketing communications. She has worked in the UK, Canada, USA, Europe, Japan and India.

As Head of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs at Nestlé Canada, Fiona currently leads a team of eight whose responsibilities include scientific affairs and government outreach on regulatory topics such as food labelling modernisation, representing company interests at key industry meetings, and ensuring that product formulas and communications are compliant with all applicable regulations. Championing regulatory aspects of new product innovation, and scientific outreach with key opinion leaders are also part of her team's remit.

Fiona has a BSc in Nutritional Science from the University of Toronto, an MSc from the University of Sheffield, and a Doctorate from the University of Southampton. She completed her Westminster Business School MBA in 2009, and credits the programme for allowing her to progress into more senior management roles, and making the leap between R&D, marketing, technical, and production and supply chain functions at various points in her career.

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