Alex Vincenti

Director, MainLedger

"The MBA gave me not only the know-how and the technical skills to run my own business, but also to understand and provide concrete and wider support to my clients' businesses."

A high-calibre senior executive with nearly 30 years' experience, Alex worked as a broadcaster before becoming the first Commercial Development Manager at the prestigious BBC World Service. Having identified the need for new leaders and realising Alex's potential, the BBC sponsored him through his Westminster Business School Executive MBA, and then made him an offer he could not resist – leading the World Service Trust's 'Media in the UK' programme.

Alex, originally from Italy, continued to work for the BBC until he saw an opportunity in the market for customer relationship solutions, and launched his own business providing CRM and accounting solutions to small businesses.

In his latest business venture, MainLedger, Alex provides accountancy services and support for the startup and development of small and medium enterprises. Now over 60, Alex does not stop. He has ambitious three- to five-year plans; apart from building up his clientele, he wants to develop his business approach so that it can be franchised throughout the UK.

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