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If you were offered the chance of a lifetime you’d take it, right?

The Study Abroad programme at the University of Westminster offers you just that. Anyone who has studied in a foreign country will tell you that it was a defining moment in their life. This life-changing experience offers you the chance to travel to exciting destinations, gain a real perspective on another culture, make lifelong friends and enhance your career prospects.

During your time abroad, you will learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible. You will successfully rise to challenges you never dreamt you would be able to, you will broaden your horizons and you will return home a more confident, open minded individual, better prepared to tackle the future successfully.

Studying abroad at the University of Westminster offers you the chance to live and study with students of all ages, from many different countries, in a lively, friendly atmosphere. You will satisfy your intellectual curiosity, earn university credits and explore London, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.

Embrace your chance of a lifetime and join us on one of the oldest and best established programmes in the country.

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Alumni discount for further study

When you have completed a minimum of one semester studying at the University, you will be eligible for our Alumni discount on Masters and Phd courses.

As a valued study abroad or exchange alumnus you are also invited to join our vibrant alumni community, find out more on our alumni pages.

Accommodation for Study Abroad students

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Study abroad partners

Study abroad partners

We are partnered with many universities and colleges across the world.