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At the University of Westminster, we are addressing the everyday issues of sustainability by understanding our impacts and measuring our results. We have been making great strides towards reducing the environmental impact of campus operations and activities. From incorporating sustainability into procurement to supporting staff/student led projects, sustainable practices and policies are building up across the University.

The Sustainability agenda is reaching out to an evolving culture and striving to meet the demands of today. The University manages its environmental impacts through an Environmental Management System(EMS), in line with ISO 14001. This is an integrated, organised set of policies and procedures under which the University can remain compliant with applicable environmental regulations and manage and lessen our environmental impacts.

The University will systematically evaluate each EMS element for legal compliance and environmental impacts. Operations are modified as necessary to meet the requirements of the regulations. Identified environmental impacts are ranked and investigated to find ways to prevent, lessen or eliminate these impacts.

Eco Campus logoEco Campus bronze award

The University has achieved Bronze level of the Eco Campus programme, an EMS designed for the HE sector.

The University has developed an Action Plan with the aim to embed sustainability considerations into everything we do. The Environmental Policy & Plan is endorsed by the Corporate Social Responsibility Group which has ultimate responsibility for improving the University’s environmental performance.

The University is proud of the various environmental projects accomplished in the past few years, from installing biomass boilers to establishing growing spaces across our estate. They are part of our journey to realise our goals and values. Find out more here

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