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Constanza Isaza Martínez is a Colombian-born artist raised in London, UK. She won a Kodak Award at the age of eleven and went on to complete a degree in Photographic Arts at the University of Westminster, from which she graduated with First Class Honours. Constanza returned to her country of origin, Colombia, where she currently lives and works as a freelance photographer and independent artist. Recent accomplishments include various group shows in Bogotá, and, in 2009, a solo exhibition in Medellín.

"My photographic work has focused almost entirely on mutability, evolution, death and decay. In the past, I studied the iconography of the ‘Vanitas’ still life and the creation of allegories around themes related to the mind, the body and embodiment. One of the first pieces I developed used fruit and feathers to symbolize the body at the peak of its ripeness, alluding to the decline toward death that inevitably follows this peak. A more recent piece, ‘Evolution’, alludes humanity and the damage we have inflicted upon the earth as a species. In addition to this, ‘Evolution’ reflects on our relative insignificance in the face of time and nature."



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